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Hello, we’re Mercury. We’re the banking stack for startups. We offer bank accounts with all of the tools needed to grow a business — virtual and physical cards, wires, currency exchange, and more.

We appreciate diving into a good read with a cup of tea, so grab your favorite beverage and enjoy Meridian.

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Editor's note
Editor's note

Editor's note

Welcome to Meridian.

Written by Meghna Rao

Illustrations by Ryan Nguyen

Welcome to Meridian. This is a publication on founders and the entrepreneurial spirit — we're telling stories on everything that people touch in the tech industry, whether those stories involve founders or investors, the teams that operate early-stage startups or the people using just-launched apps, full-timers or those who tap into their desire to build with pottery, newsletters, and other side hustles..

We approach our work with curiosity, accuracy, and interest. Meridian is meant to be a conversation starter and a spark of hope.

We hope you enjoy it.

Meghna Rao, Editor



How is this magazine affiliated with Mercury?

Mercury runs this site but does not interfere with any of its views. To that end, you can not pay us to be featured.

How can I write or make art for Meridian?

We pay competitive rates for our writing and art, and take pitches. Please send an email to

The team

This website was art directed by Danielle Moalem. She was joined by Kaitlin Banafsheha, Isabella Ivos, and Juliana Vislova.

This website was built by Manthan Mallikarjun, with help from David Harris and Americo Zuzunaga.

The editorial team is composed of Meghna Rao and Shreeda Segan. Meridian is also supported by freelance writers, artists, and photographers from all around the world.