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Editor's note: Pivot
Editor's note: Pivot

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Editor's note: Pivot

Editor's note for Meridian's first print issue, Pivot.

Written by Meghna Rao

Welcome to Pivot, the first print issue of Meridian, dedicated to all of those times you’ve heard old startup ideas and said: “they used to do what?”

Pivots are a change in strategy without a change in mission. Your mission might be similar to ones mentioned in this issue: securing generational wealth, getting 15 minutes of fame, getting history-textbook-level fame, making ads easier to buy, staying employable, helping create a culture of writing in Silicon Valley… or finding life on alien planets.

Your pivot might also be similar: going online during a pandemic then moving back offline once things open up, saving your crumbling business from failure by pulling out a small feature and selling it, moving to a new social media network to find a bigger audience.

This magazine is beautiful, but we don’t want to glorify pivots. Pivots are a powerful, challenging tool that should be used wisely.

To that end, this issue is not about all pivots — it’s specifically about good pivots. We haven’t, for example, covered the startups that pivoted from crypto in 2022 to AI in 2023 or the 2015 “pivot to video” trend that decimated media startups. Good pivots aren’t about trend chasing or hopping around without a mission. They can only emerge from deep inside of yourself, gathered from your observations of the world. They have timing, intention, and strategy on their side.

Maybe your pivot comes to you after a talk with a mentor, a word of advice from a family member, a page in a business book, a scene laid out in a science fiction novel, the sound of spring birds.

Or maybe it comes to you after reading one of the articles in this issue. We hope you enjoy it.

Meghna Rao